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#2235 fixed UDP transport restart might not get called when replace_udp_socket() fails. riza riza

Ticket #2201 will restart UDP transport when replace_udp_socket() fail when sending data.

Currently when the send data fail, the library will try to resend after trying to replace the socket by calling replace_udp_socket(). However if if it fails again, it will try to restart the transport.

It is possible that the replace_udp_socket() fails, and the UDP transport restart is not called. In this case, restarting UDP transport is preferred rather than trying to resend the data.

#2234 fixed Memory leak with third party resampling riza riza

It is reported that when you configure the library to use Speex for resampling, a memory leak occurs when a conference port is removed that has resample instances associated with it.

Resamples instances are created during the call to create_conf_port() but are not destroyed anywhere and will lead to memory leak.

This ticket will also disable pjmedia_conf_add_passive_port() which is already deprecated since 1.3 .

Thanks to Andreas Wehrmann for the report, patch and suggestion.

#2233 fixed Change enumeration typemaps in SWIG Java nanang nanang

Currently we use SWIG default typemap for enumeration, i.e: typesafe enums. But now we find that it may not be the best approach for PJSIP (see pro vs cons below). This ticket will change the typemap to type-unsafe enums.


  • Some PJSIP C enumerations are actually not pure enumeration, for example PJSIP_TRANSPORT_IPV6 in pjsip_transport_type_e is actually a bitflag value.
  • After #2219, there is still crash reported that may be caused by enumeration.
  • Method swigToEnum() generated by SWIG for typesafe enum contains iteration which is not efficient on enumeration types whose big and non-contiguous values, e.g: pj_ssl_cert_verify_flag_t whose values ranging from 0 to (1<<31) with exponentially increased intervals.
  • Some PJSIP enumerations define only subset values, e.g: pj_ssl_cipher only defines some basic SSL/TLS ciphers, so any Java variable typed pj_ssl_cipher or function returning pj_ssl_cipher cannot contain or return non basic ciphers.


  • Backward compatibility issue!

Changes to be done in application

As described above, this ticket introduces backward compatibility issues, here are modifications needed to be done in Java applications:

  • accessing enumeration value is no longer using swigValue() method, e.g: pjsip_inv_state.PJSIP_INV_STATE_CONFIRMED.swigValue() must be changed to pjsip_inv_state.PJSIP_INV_STATE_CONFIRMED.
  • all enumeration types are now int, e.g: pjsip_status_code code must be changed to int code
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