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#186 Bug with destination address calculation for strict route set (thanks Hoi-Ho Chan) bennylp defect major pjsip
#174 GSM codec factory does not shutdown properly causing it to fail on next pjsua_init (thanks Binu K S) bennylp defect normal pjmedia
#178 Add flag in SDP negotiator to specify codec order preference (thanks Esbjörn Dominique) bennylp enhancement normal pjmedia
#179 SDP negotiation failed when local doesn't specify telephone-event (thanks Esbjörn Dominique) bennylp defect normal pjmedia
#180 Failed compilation because usleep() doesn't return int on some *nix platforms (thanks Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) bennylp defect normal pjlib
#188 Error parsing compact form of SIP header (thanks Tobias Söreling) bennylp defect normal pjsip
#190 PUBLISH request in pjsua is not initialized with account's route set (thanks Nicholas Xu) bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib
#195 --contact command line option is ignored in pjsua bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib
#202 Fix error when telephone-event is set as the first format in SDP (thanks Chris Hamilton) bennylp defect normal pjmedia
#204 Implement SIP proxy functionality (including some samples) bennylp enhancement normal pjsip
#206 Allow single quotes for attributes in XML (thanks Tory Patnoe) bennylp enhancement normal pjlib-util
#210 Added simple stateless and stateful proxy in samples collection bennylp enhancement normal applications
#211 IM typing indication request is missing route set (thanks Nicholas Xu) bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib
#213 Error opening sound device is not propagated to application (thanks Paul Levin) bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib
#215 Build error when PJ_HAS_TCP is set to zero (thanks ChenHuan) bennylp defect normal pjlib
#218 Bug in hash table when key is PJ_HASH_KEY_STRING and hval is specified (thanks ChenHuan) bennylp defect normal pjlib
#176 RTP port number is not reset in pjsua media (thanks Binu KS) bennylp defect minor pjsua-lib
#184 Added pj_file_flush() to file I/O API to flush file buffers bennylp enhancement minor pjlib
#207 Added XMLNS for attribute for PIDF document (thanks Tory Patnoe) bennylp defect minor pjsip
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