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Ticket Summary Version Status Owner Type Priority
#4 Bug in message framing detection new bennylp defect major
#11 Multihomed operations new bennylp enhancement major
#17 Fix inconsistent convention on when to destroy tx_data new bennylp defect major
#18 Structured testing for PJSIP-UA new bennylp enhancement major
#20 Fix /dev/epoll backend for the ioqueue new bennylp defect major
#22 2xx without SDP is accepted!! new bennylp defect major
#23 GCC with optimization causes different parsing result new bennylp defect major
#96 Stop sound device when conference is idle new bennylp enhancement normal
#508 Support for MPEG2 audio codec new nanang enhancement normal
#509 Audio "clicks" with re-INVITE new nanang defect normal
#605 Support for codec with non-integer ptime (e.g: MELP with ptime 22.5ms). new nanang enhancement normal
#1368 Changing output volume on Symbian MDA causes audio routing switch new nanang defect normal
#8 Fix escaping rules in To/From tag and Via parameter new bennylp defect minor
#9 Implement audio preprocessor in PJMEDIA new bennylp enhancement minor
#15 Via branch parameter should be compared case-insensitively new bennylp defect minor
#16 pj_hex_digits in ctype.c should be made const new bennylp defect minor
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