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#1082 Plain SIP URI is used in Contact header with SIPS destination sipit26 new bennylp defect normal
#1083 The design of the SIP TLS transport may not allow multiple certificates to be loaded sipit26 new bennylp defect normal
#1167 Receiving 481 response while in early dialog stage does not seem to terminate the dialog sipit27 new bennylp defect normal
#1169 Automatically retry the re-INVITE or UPDATE request upon receiving 419/Request Pending response sipit27 new bennylp enhancement normal
#1177 SDP signaling for RTCP-XR sipit27 new nanang enhancement normal
#1178 Handle SRTP SDES parameters sipit27 new nanang defect normal
#1411 Rejecting SDP (re)offer with c line and port non zero, but no rtpmap for dynamic payload types sipit29 new nanang defect normal
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