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Component: applications (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1400 More flexible video operation in pjsua application bennylp normal

Component: common (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1393 Miscellaneous fixes bennylp normal
#1395 Backport of PJSIP 1.x branch into PJSIP 2.0 trunk bennylp normal

Component: pjlib (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1331 Design: Framework to post job or execution to main thread bennylp normal

Component: pjmedia (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1234 Missing video keyframe nanang normal
#1270 Native libx264 encoder nanang minor
#1279 Create fmt_match_cb() for g7221 & amr-nb/wb, and remove the hardcoded ones in sdp_neg.c nanang minor
#1300 Symmetric payload type in generating SDP answer nanang normal
#1390 Reenable H264 with the lattest ffmpeg nanang normal
#1392 Immediately decode incoming frames to avoid loosing key frames when the jbuf is full and improve latency nanang normal
#1394 Concurrency problem when stopping clock thread nanang normal
#1404 Assertion in receiving SDP video offer containing static payload type nanang normal
#1420 Event manager nanang normal

Component: pjmedia-audiodev (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1273 WMME-dev extended format not yet ported nanang normal

Component: pjmedia-videodev (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1328 Issues with DirectX device GUI operation: resize, move ming normal
#1343 Refactor: SDL device ming normal
#1401 Add support for video device's window flags ming normal
#1429 Problem with SDL on setting window's position when window is hidden ming normal
#1333 Design: review the video preview API nanang normal

Component: pjnath (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1396 Failed to authenticate to TURN client due to REALM attribute padding bennylp normal
#1399 Assertion failure if unable to resolve TURN server bennylp normal

Component: pjsua-lib (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority
#1398 TURN initialization failure scenario bennylp normal
#1402 Crash when adding new media bennylp normal
#1403 Assertion in generating SDP re-offer containing unknown media types bennylp normal
#1406 Add info about ICE candidates being used in transport info and pjsua's call dump output bennylp normal
#1419 Media count manipulation in call basis (thanks Bogdan Krakowski for the suggestion) bennylp normal
#1424 New PJSUA callback of incoming re-offer bennylp normal
#1425 Assertion on format type check when using conference switchboard bennylp normal
#1427 Assertion in initiating video in an audio only call bennylp normal
#1430 Crash when dialog is prematurely destroyed during outgoing call (thanks Bogdan Krakowski for the report) bennylp normal
#1433 Assertion in re-enable video when ICE is enabled bennylp normal
#1434 Add PJSUA_LOCK_IS_LOCKED() bennylp normal
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