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#1356 Automated testing code for video bennylp defect normal common 2.0-dev-branch
#1500 Configure options to disable video bennylp enhancement normal common common
#1501 Video format changed event triggered repeatedly when receiving dynamic video framerate (thanks Omar Hussein for the report) nanang defect normal pjmedia trunk
#1504 Crash when trying to answer calls but call has been disconnected bennylp defect normal pjsip trunk
#1506 Add PJSUA callback for SDP creation (thanks Peter Koletzki for the feedback) bennylp enhancement normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1508 Miscellaneous fixes bennylp enhancement normal common common
#1509 Backport of 1.14.2 fixes bennylp defect normal common trunk
#1511 Assertion after peer removes a media line in an SDP reoffer and adds it back in the next SDP reoffer (thanks Ilya Kalinin for the report) bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1512 Option to continue ICE operation even when STUN resolution fails bennylp defect normal pjnath trunk
#1514 Assertion when media transport initialization fails and NULL instead DISCONNECTED is reported in the on_call_state() callback bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1330 Release notes: documentation about changes and new features in 2.0 bennylp task major common 2.0-dev-branch
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