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#1322 New console app ming enhancement major applications 2.0-dev-branch
#987 Asynchronous socket operations on Symbian bennylp defect normal pjlib trunk
#1098 Command Line Interface Framework bennylp enhancement normal pjlib-util cli-branch
#1100 pjmedia_stream_modify() API nanang enhancement normal pjmedia trunk
#1122 Android port bennylp enhancement normal common trunk
#1123 SWIG binding for PJSUA-LIB for Java, Python, C#, etc. bennylp enhancement normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1125 Thread based ioqueue to reduce power consumption on some mobile/embedded platforms bennylp enhancement normal pjlib trunk
#1126 Get a working echo cancellation for mobile and embedded systems nanang enhancement normal pjmedia trunk
#1127 IPv6 support for SIP TCP and TLS transports bennylp enhancement normal pjsip trunk
#1179 SRTCP with HMAC-SHA1 authentication must always use 80 bits tag length nanang defect normal pjmedia trunk
#1269 Audio video sync ming enhancement normal pjsua-lib 2.0-dev-branch
#1289 Test with miscellaneous SDP scenarios bennylp enhancement normal unit-tests 2.0-dev-branch
#1303 CMAKE build system for Visual Studio (was Visual Studio 2010 Fix) ismangil enhancement normal common trunk
#1436 Review access to account config in call bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1439 RTCP samples_per_frame setting for video stream nanang defect normal pjmedia trunk
#1485 Intermitten crash in SDL for X11 bennylp defect normal third-party trunk
#1704 Windows Phone WP8 Port bennylp enhancement normal common
#1789 Support for audio route setting on Android nanang enhancement normal pjmedia-audiodev trunk
#1829 Avoid recreating video renderer due to format change in the beginning of video session bennylp enhancement normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1239 Missing H264 "max-fs" SDP parameter caused call to be rejected nanang defect minor pjmedia 2.0-dev-branch
#1267 Optional SRTP with duplicated media line bennylp task minor pjsua-lib trunk
#1280 Videoport only buffers 1 frame nanang defect minor pjmedia 2.0-dev-branch
#1283 Hardcoded format list in some video components (e.g: AVI reader, QT dev, etc) nanang defect minor pjmedia 2.0-dev-branch
#1287 Use "static const char*" to replace "define THIS_FILE" if that reduces size bennylp enhancement minor common trunk
#1290 Timestamp in media flow nanang enhancement minor pjmedia 2.0-dev-branch
#1445 Optimization: disconnect/reconnect video preview window from video tee when hidden/shown bennylp enhancement minor pjsua-lib trunk
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