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#422 IPv6 support in PJNATH bennylp enhancement major pjnath trunk
#1890 Add libyuv to third-party directory bennylp task normal third-party trunk
#1926 Support IPv6 address resolution bennylp enhancement normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1927 IPv6 support in DNS SRV resolution bennylp enhancement normal pjlib-util trunk
#1928 Miscellaneous fixes bennylp defect normal common trunk
#1929 Avoid memory pool growing when doing re-Registration bennylp defect normal pjsip trunk
#1930 Race condition in OpenSSL socket bennylp defect normal pjlib trunk
#1931 Support for AVFoundation on Mac (due to deprecated QTKit) ming enhancement normal pjmedia-videodev trunk
#1933 Update pjnath-test for IPv6 support bennylp enhancement normal pjnath trunk
#1934 Add reference counting APIs to event subscription bennylp enhancement normal pjsip trunk
#1935 Crash when account is deleted when sending SIP REGISTER message is on progress bennylp defect normal pjsip trunk
#1936 Sending REGISTER always fails after losing network connection bennylp defect normal pjsip trunk
#1937 Add libyuv to third party component bennylp enhancement normal third-party trunk
#1938 Wrong registration renewal flag info in PJSUA registration callback when unregistration fails bennylp defect normal pjsua-lib trunk
#1939 Crash when failed to initialize android jni dev nanang defect normal pjmedia-audiodev trunk
#1942 Infinite loop when TURN allocation fails immediately bennylp defect normal pjnath trunk
#1944 Allow native window to be set for video output window on SDL ming enhancement normal pjmedia-videodev trunk
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