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#866 Allow application to specify more than one STUN servers for more robustness, and continue application startup if STUN resolution fails bennylp enhancement critical trunk fixed
#910 Configurable passthrough codecs based on audio device encoding formats capability. bennylp enhancement normal trunk fixed
#912 Flags in logging configuration to append log file instead of overwriting it bennylp enhancement normal trunk duplicate
#930 New PJSUA-LIB account option to add user defined parameters to the Contact header nanang enhancement normal trunk fixed
#933 Incoming OPTIONS may trigger assertion if it arrives when PJSUA-LIB is being shutdown (thanks Johan Lantz for the report) bennylp defect normal trunk fixed
#945 Account config may not get initialized with default values if pjsua_acc_config_default() is called before pjsua_init() bennylp defect normal trunk fixed
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