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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1021 HTTP tunnel support bennylp enhancement normal trunk wontfix
#1253 Module data in pjsip_tx_data similar to pjsip_rx_data bennylp enhancement normal trunk wontfix
#1380 Using locking to specific listener feature may cause outgoing TCP connection to be created for every request bennylp defect normal trunk duplicate
#413 Implement draft-sparks-sip-invfix bennylp enhancement minor trunk wontfix
#432 Support 3GPP refresh interval rule bennylp enhancement minor trunk wontfix

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#4 Bug in message framing detection bennylp defect major
#17 Fix inconsistent convention on when to destroy tx_data bennylp defect major
#18 Structured testing for PJSIP-UA bennylp enhancement major
#22 2xx without SDP is accepted!! bennylp defect major
#378 Implement merged request detection bennylp defect major trunk
#63 Fully non-blocking TLS connect/accept bennylp enhancement normal 0.5.9
#281 Failed scenarios with CANCEL requests (thanks Esbjörn Dominique) bennylp defect normal
#530 Transaction PJSIP_TSX_STATE_TRYING state is not propaged properly to dialog usages bennylp defect normal trunk
#1083 The design of the SIP TLS transport may not allow multiple certificates to be loaded bennylp defect normal trunk
#1096 Assertion in sending UPDATE after receiving 200/INVITE response without to-tag bennylp defect normal trunk
#1150 Fail to process PIDF XML document if the nodes are namespaced (thanks Johan Lantz for the report) bennylp defect normal trunk
#1167 Receiving 481 response while in early dialog stage does not seem to terminate the dialog bennylp defect normal trunk
#1711 Reversed order of on_call_tsx_state() notifications on incoming request within call bennylp defect normal trunk
#1992 Set INVITE transaction state to Terminated after sending OK bennylp defect normal trunk
#8 Fix escaping rules in To/From tag and Via parameter bennylp defect minor
#15 Via branch parameter should be compared case-insensitively bennylp defect minor
#949 Refreshing session in Session Timer should also notice media transport attributes in SDP offer/answer. bennylp defect minor trunk
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