Milestone release-1.17 (cancelled)

Completed 8 years ago (Feb 27, 2014 3:07:52 AM)

This version is the last version of PJSIP 1.x version line. As as been announced in our blog, PJSIP 1.x is phased out and will be out of support in September 2013. We encourage everyone to upgrade to the latest PJSIP version 2.

PJSIP version 1.17 only contains critical bug fixes backported from version 2.

Changes Specific to this Milestone

These are tickets that are done specificly on this milestone and not in 2.x:

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Backported Tickets

These are common tickets in both this milestone and 2.x.


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pjlib, pjlib-util:

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pjmedia, pjmedia-audiodev:

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pjsip, pjsua-lib:

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applications, python, unit-tests, third-party:

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List of Pending Tickets to be Backported to This Milestone

These are list of tickets in 2.x that are yet to be backported to this milestone:

Crash if on_redirected() callback is not implemented and UAC receives 422 response (thanks to Romain Jezequel for the report)
Stop media endpoint's worker threads first when destroying media subsystem

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