Milestone release-0.6.0

Completed 17 years ago (Nov 20, 2007 9:44:39 AM)


Total number of tickets: 13 - closed: 13 - active: 0


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Tickets fixed on this release:

Send RTCP RR if stream is not transmitting RTP packets
Error creating resolver on Win32 release mode (thanks Frank Wiersma)
GUID generation cannot generate more than 2^16 unique numbers on Linux (thanks Igor Sobinov)
Failed scenarios with CANCEL requests (thanks Esbjörn Dominique)
Bug in WAV player when frame size is larger than file buffer size (thanks Samuel Vinson)
Free memory read reported by Purify in PUBLISH session
Uninitialized memory read reported by Purify in SIP authentication
Uninitialized memory read reported by Purify in sound device
Assertion error or handle leak when creating thread with PJ_THREAD_SUSPENDED flag
Memory alignment error for hash entry buffer causing crash on ARM (thanks ChenHuan)
Memory alignment problem in pool_buf (thanks Esbjörn Dominique)
PJSIP resolver is not destroyed on shutdown (thanks Martin Peterzon)
Bug in ioqueue prevents re-registering more than PJ_IOQUEUE_MAX_HANDLES (thanks Phil Torre)

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