Milestone release-0.5.9

Completed 17 years ago (Nov 27, 2006 12:00:00 AM)


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Version 0.5.9 release contains the following fixes/improvements.

New Features


  • the echo canceller seems to work and it's now enabled by default on PJSUA-API
  • Speex source codes updated to their latest SVN version (version later than 1.2beta1)
  • added pj_shutdown() and pj_atexit() to release internal handles allocated by libraries (important for Symbian)
  • Add pjsip_regc_add_headers() APi to set headers to be added to the REGISTER request. This solves the problem where headers registered in the initial REGISTER request (such as User-Agent header) are not sent in subsequent reregistration request.
  • Improve call transfer handling in PJSUA-API (not to disconnect call until call transfer completes)
  • Improvements in audio device support:
    • Updated PortAudio? to latest version for Mac (OSX 10.4 compatibility)
    • PJSUA-API will try to use other sample rates when it fails to open the device
    • Better support for opening different sound devices.
  • Added support for specifying IP address in PJSUA-LIB/pjsua.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in SIP parser: clone_data member of message body is not set.
  • Added checking for clock rate mismatch in PJMEDIA master port.
  • fixed many memory and handle leaks (there is no single leak now!)
  • fixed SIP message leak when transport immediately fails to send the message
  • Fixed sound device ID bug: application was unable to use device ID zero because this caused pasound.c to autodetect default device
  • Removed duplicated stun.o in pjlib-util Makefile
  • Fixed overflow bug in conference.c causing cracking noise (thanks Norman Franke)
  • Removed multiple Via headers checking in transport, as proxies will receive multiple Via headers.
  • Fixed bug in log length calculation (null character was included) [thanks Klaus Darilion]
  • Fixed missing pj_snd_get_info() in nullsound.c
  • Changed pasound.c to handle situation when NULL is passed as input/output buffer by PortAudio?
  • Fixed typos in pj_*int*_t's comments [thanks Tomasz Ostrowski]
  • Removed -DNDEBUG from default CFLAGS [thanks Olivier Gournet]
  • Fixed compilation errors when threading is disabled (PJ_HAS_THREADS=0) and safe ioqueue unregistration is disabled (PJ_IOQUEUE_HAS_SAFE_UNREG=0).
  • Fixed compilation error in tone generator when using fixed point.
  • and many others
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