Milestone Sipit24

Completed 15 years ago (May 30, 2009 8:46:35 AM)

These are the tickets that were created during SIPit24 event. They have been moved to milestone:release-1.3 or the subsequent releases.

AMR encoder should regard 'mode-set' param specified by remote decoder.
Automatically switch to TCP transport when sending large request
Support for outbound proxy setting without using Route header
Modify conference audio switch behavior in connecting ports.
Remove 'Require=replaces' param in 'Refer-To' header (in call transfer with replaces).
Support for regular nomination in ICE
--ip-addr support for IPv6 for media transport in pjsua
Adding SOFTWARE attribute in all outgoing requests may cause compatibility problem with older STUN server (thanks Alexei Kuznetsov for the report)
Put back the ICE candidate priority values according to the default values in the draft-mmusic-ice
Support for ICE keep-alive with Binding indication
Do not authenticate STUN 438 response
AMR-WB format param in the SDP is not negotiated correctly.
REFER is sent instead of SUBSCRIBE with Expires=0 when when transferee doesn't terminate subscription after call transfer
IPv6: when an IPv6 URI has ";transport=udp" parameter, the resolver will use IPv4 transport and it will fail to resolve the URI
SRTP should accept tag 0 in crypto attribute in the SDP
Account may always re-register with IPv6, due to string comparison of IPv6 address
Revise on account registration Contact update rule
More clever RTP transport remote address switch
Allow application to specify more than one STUN servers for more robustness, and continue application startup if STUN resolution fails
Return error instead of asserting when PJSUA-LIB fails to open log file

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