Aug 15, 2006 8:26:34 PM (17 years ago)

Support for PUBLISH (RFC 3903):

  • API BREAK: pjsua_pres_create_uac() API CHANGED!! Added options in the function, to allow creating SUBSCRIBE without ";id=" parameter in the Event header.
  • the generic event publication in pjsip-simple/publish.[hc]
  • split PIDF and X-PIDF body generation and parsing into pjsip-simple/presence_body.c.
  • allow NULL in module parameter in pjsip_endpt_add_capability()
  • added "--publish" option in PJSUA.
  • by default, PJSUA-LIB will not add ";id=" parameter in Event header in the SUBSCRIBE request since lots of server and user agents don't support this correctly.
  • Set version to
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