Mar 17, 2011 11:33:34 AM (11 years ago)

Re #1215 (framework):

  • vstream:
    • allow NULL pool parameter which means vstream will create one
    • Updated remote FPS detection to only be performed if decoder returns frame (however the FPS detection is currently disabled as some endpoints changes fps continuously, causing renderer restart continuously too).
  • codec:
    • Updated video codec info to have RTP packetization support flag, also update endpoint in generating SDP to only include codecs whose RTP packetization support.
    • Added dynamic payload types for video codecs.
    • (minor) separate video PT into separate enum in pjmedia-codec/types.h
  • H264 initial experiment.

generated frames (for libx264 sake).

  • Replaced PJ_EUNKNOWN in some places with the appropriate error code.
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  • pjproject/branches/projects/2.0-dev/pjmedia/include/pjmedia/vid_stream.h

    r3425 r3461  
    160160 * 
    161161 * @param endpt         Media endpoint. 
    162  * @param pool          Pool to allocate memory for the stream. A large 
    163  *                      number of memory may be needed because jitter 
     162 * @param pool          Optional pool to allocate memory for the stream. If 
     163 *                      this is not specified, one will be created internally. 
     164 *                      A large number of memory may be needed because jitter 
    164165 *                      buffer needs to preallocate some storage. 
    165  * @param info          Stream information. 
    166  * @param tp            Stream transport instance used to transmit  
    167  *                      and receive RTP/RTCP packets to/from the underlying  
    168  *                      transport.  
     166 * @param info          Stream information to create the stream. Upon return, 
     167 *                      this info will be updated with the information from 
     168 *                      the instantiated codec. Note that if the "pool" 
     169 *                      argument is NULL, some fields in this "info" parameter 
     170 *                      will be allocated from the internal pool of the 
     171 *                      stream, which means that they will only remain valid 
     172 *                      as long as the stream is not destroyed. 
     173 * @param tp            Media transport instance used to transmit and receive 
     174 *                      RTP/RTCP packets to/from the underlying network. 
    169175 * @param user_data     Arbitrary user data (for future callback feature). 
    170176 * @param p_stream      Pointer to receive the video stream. 
    175181                                        pjmedia_endpt *endpt, 
    176182                                        pj_pool_t *pool, 
    177                                         const pjmedia_vid_stream_info *info, 
     183                                        pjmedia_vid_stream_info *info, 
    178184                                        pjmedia_transport *tp, 
    179185                                        void *user_data, 
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