Feb 24, 2010 5:43:34 AM (12 years ago)

Ticket #1032:

  • Initial version of server domain name verification:
    • Updated SSL certificate info, especially identities info
    • Updated verification mechanism as in the specifications in ticket desc.
    • Added server domain name info in pjsip_tx_data.
    • Added alternative API for acquiring transport and creating transport of transport factory to include pjsip_tx_data param.
    • Server identity match criteria:
      • full host name match
      • wild card not accepted
      • if identity is URI, it must be SIP/SIPS URI
  • Initial version of transport state notifications:
    • Added new API to set transport state callback in PJSIP and PJSUA.
    • Defined states: connected/disconnected, accepted/rejected, verification errors.
  • Minors:
    • Updated SSL socket test: dump verification result, test of requiring client cert, and few minors.
    • Updated test cert to include subjectAltName extensions.
    • Added SSL certificate dump function.
    • Updated max number of socket async operations in Symbian sample apps (RSocketServ::Connect()) to 32 (was default 8).
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